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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Developers should offer alternative religious sites-Malaysiakini

By Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa Nov 2, 07 7:51pm

We followed closely the latest development of temple demolition in Rimba Jaya by the enforcement officers of MBSA (Shah Alam Municipal Coucil). Initial report indicated fracas took place between the devotees in the temple and the officers of MBSA, which inflicted some injuries to the public who were protecting their house of worship. We regret the manner in which the enforcement handled the demolition procedures and subsequently has left a great impact on the bigger issues pertaining to religious sensitivity and tolerance in this country. PAS therefore:

Call all parties to observe restrain from further emotional response and call the government to act wisely by not dragging the issues and thus be exploited by certain quarters with some narrow minded interest and objectives.

Support the need to carry out any demolition act to religious premises by using the ‘force of wisdom' through negotiations with the concerned subjects and by giving enough time before any demolition to take place to prevent any surprise retaliation.

Urge the developer that any justified demolition must consider a replacement prior to any action by the authority so that the worshippers may have a space to carry out their religious duty in their respective faiths.

Condemn any effort to kindle fire in the issue and seed hatred in the multifaith relationship that exists today in our country.

Finally, PAS regret any move by a certain political party that views the matter solely on the impact of political consideration and thus disregarding the bigger issues of religious freedom, tolerance and above all the rule of law that need to be fostered, develop and further enhanced within the context of the Federal Constitution.

The writer is Chairman of National Unity, PAS

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