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YB Dr Mujahid Yusof Ar-Rawa
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Friday, December 21, 2007

PAS Indian Supporters :'Bridging Earth and Moon'

Kuala Lumpur : “Tonight, we build a bridge that stretches from earth to the moon!” thundered N Gobalakrishnan at the PAS headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Gobalakrishnan is the head of the newly formed PAS Indian supporters club, which was unveiled amid much fanfare and fiery speeches last night.

PAS is an Islamic-based opposition party that has always faced obstacles in winning the support of non-Muslims.

But Gobalakrishnan, who also heads the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) national integration bureau, believes that a new era has dawned.

In his speech, he said the formation of the Indian supporters club is another bridge between PAS and non-Muslims.

No oppressionHe also said the launching of the club signaled the breaking of Barisan Nasional’s (BN) race-based politics and end to the exploitation of the Indian community here.

“PAS can provide us shelter where Umno has failed. PAS (state governments) have never been known to oppress other races,” he said.

Some 50 Indian Malaysians from Selangor, Perak and Kelantan were among the 600 people who packed the hall.

Their presence was bolstered by a small delegation of non-Muslim Chinese who had come to join as members of the PAS Chinese supporters club which was set up last year.

The club - headed by Hu Pang Chow from Kelantan - is said to have 400 members nationwide. Among them is Ng Chee Pang, the 22-year-old independent candidate who contested in the recent Batu Talam by-election in Pahang.

“PAS steady… PAS party baik (good),” said Ng when met at yesterday’s event.

Unfounded fearsEearlier, PAS national solidarity bureau chief Mujahid Yusof Rawa during his speech said multi-racialism was enshrined in the party’s constitution when it spoke of the aim to “foster racial unity in the country.”

He said the success of the Chinese supporters’ club in improving awareness about PAS among the community was reflected in the club’s need to increase its Chinese-language monthly bulletin from 5,000 to 50,000 copies.

PAS will also publish a Tamil-language monthly bulletin to educate the Indian community about the party and its struggles. It is also planning the set-up similar clubs for the Kadazans and Ibans in east Malaysia.

PAS vice-president Mohammad Sabu had the audience in stitches when he spoke derisively of the fears that have been perpetuated by the rivals of PAS to keep non-Muslims from supporting the party.

For example, he said, many Chinese non-Muslims were told that coming under an Islamic party such will lead to the males being forced to undergo circumcision.

“What are they afraid of?” he asked, adding: “Hu (head of the Chinese supporters club) is here to testify that his condition still remains in the original state.”

Meanhwile, businessman Rajandran Batumalai from Batu Caves, Selangor, said he and his friends heard from the Indians in Kelantan about PAS’ equalitarian policies and treatment of non-Muslims.

Rajandran, a former MIC member, said many Indian youths in BN-ruled states were deprived of advancing socially and economically because of racial discrimination.


gangeticus said...

I was thinking of joining too! Alas, I saw your other posts, such as this one:


In itself, its OK. You may comment on my religion, its free speech. But when you mention stuff like this "...Kitab-kitab agama Hindu ini walaupun telah dirubah dan dikotori dengan begitu teruk..." Well, still OK, I guess.

The part that makes me reject whatever you are peddling is when you say its "wajib" to convert the non muslims.

Thanks, but no thanks! I happen to believe in my religion, and I think I can physically proof the truth of my religion.

PS: the article deals with only one of the interpretations of the scriptures. HINT HINT

multidimid said...

Whilst Gobalakrishnan talks of a new era has dawned in building “a bridge that stretches from earth to the moon” in a closer PAS-PKR relationship & cooperation our Samy is suffering a memory lapse in an Interview. He vows to Soldier On for MIC & the Indians and brags about his “hollow Achievements & Deeds” by MIC for Indians; When asked about the Missing Money for Maika replied -”What Money?” – Conveniently Ignore Siphoning Maika Shares – the “God-Sent Wealth” for the personal Greed & Gain of his relatives
More details
Go H E R E

mandelism said...

cant agree more with gangeticus ..
i was there on ur PAS' Kelab Penyokong India.
while those on stage talked highly of racial unity and etc.. the same cant be said on the ground level.

wen i went to the hall alone, strangers eyes were eyeing me. Fine.
but when i went there and took my seat in between the PAS members, no one came and sat nearby me. The ethicity divide was very evident.

nevertheless ;) good effort sir!

pasnational_unity said...

To Mandelism,

On behalf of PAS National Unity Committee I would to appologize regarding your difficulty & inconvenience during that day.This gap need to narrow down or eliminate it..this is one of our job scope

Maverick SM said...

Dear pasnational_unity,

On your apology to Mandelism, I am truly moved by your sincerity to narrow down the gap and unify.

What mandelism said is empirical; and for so long as the grassroot level is not responding to the closing of gaps, the PAS Indian & Chinese Supporters Club will be just another rhetorical institution.

There is much for PAS leaders to do, and the grassroot level must respond with the objectives of unification of the various races.

I would also be interested to join in the near future. However, it is necessary to see visibly the PAS altruism at work.

pasnational_unity said...

To Marverick SM,

Appreciate your comments.We are fully realized the hard work we have to face to ensure the 'true unity' becomes a reality.

Something this big of course needs more time to materialize at all level, from top down especially with the big and thick wall which has been set up by 'you-know-who' authority.

We need inputs from people like you who really want to see changes in our beloved country and to convey the message across the races and differences...

We hope you to join us....anytime when you are ready..

Leimomi said...

Good for people to know.